Friday, 16 November 2012


            First aid certificate offers an exceptional opportunity for you to get established as a certified First Aid professional. First aid and CPR certificates can be obtained by enrolling either in online classes or conventional class room sessions.

                  Online courses are simple and designed to meet the needs of busy working people whose schedules make it difficult for them to join the regular classes. The interactive online classes presented by certified instructors will have video demonstrations of first aid and CPR techniques. These training courses are approved by US board certified doctors, which follow ECC, ILCOR and OSHA standards.

                   Online training courses can be pursued at your own pace and convenience and once you are thorough with the portions, you can take the online test. Those who answer 20 multiple choice questions correctly will get the certificate that is valid for 2 years. For CPR Certification minimum of 70% marks is essential. . Every year the certificate holders need to attend a basic skills up date and after 2 years, you can re-attend the course to qualify as a certified first aid expert.

                                        Apart from online courses , you can also undergo first aid training courses in conventional class rooms organized in various hospitals and health care centers. The class room sessions extend to over 9 hours and cover all the aspects of first aid and CPR techniques that might come handy in emergencies like heart attack, burns, stroke, bleeding or poisoning among others.

                                 Online courses are getting more popular these days as these are more convenient. These courses are developed by a board of Certified Doctors and meet all the specifications. The interactive video sessions and detailed diagrams ensure a true classroom experience. After the successful completion of the course, you will get a work certificate.

                                                      Some of the topics covered in the syllabus include uses of various medical equipments, handling emergencies, first aid for various medical conditions like choking, bleeding, shock, minor cuts and bruises etc. First aid certificates will enhance your value in the highly competitive job market as well. Employers often prefer first aid trained personnel to ensure workplace safety and avail insurance premium discounts. First aid certificate courses are available all over the country and these impart life saving first aid training. Make sure to get your first aid certificate today as it might change the life of someone in distress!

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