Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The different Types of First Aid Techniques

                First Aid techniques are used in the process of giving temporary medical aid until the patient's condition improves. The techniques used are mainly dependent upon the type of emergency that is presented. Major medical issues such as choking, cardiac arrest, and broken bones all require the use of different first aid techniques, as do minor irritations such as cuts, insect bites, and minor burns etc.

                 The standard first aid technique used for cardiac arrest is known as Cardiopulmonary Respiration (CPR). This technique involves both breathing for the afflicted individual, and doing chest compressions in an attempt to keep blood flow circulating and oxygen reaching the brain. The technique is carried out in different ways for infants and adults.In infacts with the entire nose and mouth area being covered in infants.In adults  the chest compressions being lighter.

                    First aid techniques for broken bones involve reducing the swelling through the use of ice and immobilization. If the affected area is kept still, further damage is unlikely. The best way to keep the fracture still is by using a splint, but only those who are trained in preparing one should try it.

                  When Burns may occur,different types of  first aid techniques be applied.The burn occured  with minor,  to use bandages and ointments to help protect the area. With major burns,only sterile bandages are recommended, but ointments are not. This is mainly due to the fact that major burns mean the skin has been broken and ointments on broken skin could be painful and unhelpful. With most types of burns, the application of ice or ice packs immediately following the incident will help reduce the severity of the tissue damage.
                    Many organization will provide various certified first aid courses ,that will help everyone to handle the emergency situation and how  to apply first aid technique.Only trained persons can provide a good first aid treatment.  Redding CPR and First Aid provides a top quality First Aid and CPR Certication Course and Training Programs.

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